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Founded in 1942 by the charismatic and mysterious Madame Grès, the Grès fashion house was an uncompromising leader in haute couture for several decades.


Grès entered the perfume world in 1959 and Parfums Grès now has a rich heritage and genuine legitimacy in perfumery.


In fact, few brands can lay claim to a fragrance like Cabochard that is almost 60 years old, or one like Cabotine that remains the gold standard 25 years after its launch.

Parfum Gres

Parfum Gres

"Charrier Parfums", a family company since 1888, from father to son, well-kept secrets that are transmitted across generations.


Respect of traditions, for more than a century old experience, Charrier Parfums" differentiates itself through the quality of its products, its service, its reactivity and its continuous innovation to meet different needs from various countries around the globe.

Always on the research of new scents and new trends and innovations, "Charrier Parfums" accompanies you in all your projects of perfume creation.

Charrier Parfums

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