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What We Do


Fact based decision making and continuous market analysis are an integral part of our working approach.


Excellent relationships with all key players are another key element to our success.

We excel in brand management and market intelligence, working together with our esteemed partners to grow the brand’s value in our market.


Our core strength lies with our experienced and professional team who share our passion in developing brands.


With the excellent local knowledge of this growing yet complex market, We strive to introduce the finest brands around the world to our local market.

Our success lies in our long standing relationship with the finest global brands and with our local distribution partners.


Our aim is to be respected by our partners for the quality of the work we do and the expertise of our team.

Having a marketing-driven culture, we transform every brand’s international strategy into local success stories.

We think customer in everything we do.

We are retailing through leading e-commerce channels such as and WeChat.

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