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A Legacy

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"Charrier Parfums", a family company since 1888, from father to son, well-kept secrets that are transmitted across generations. Respect of traditions, for more than a century old experience, Charrier Parfums" differentiates itself through the quality of its products, its service, its reactivity and its continuous innovation to meet different needs from various countries around the globe.


This company has always belonged to the Charrier family, and now, is managed by the fourth generation! Since the beginning of the story, Charrier Parfums has always produced some perfumes in different sizes, paying a high attention on the quality of the perfumes, and the attractiveness of the packaging All the perfumes are offered with a typically French style.


Our perfumery activity is very complete, as we have always managed the production from A to Z in our own factory, from the elaboration of the perfumes, creation of the designs, until the production of the finished product, ready to be delivered. Thanks to our proximity to Grasse, we have always got the possibility to obtain the best natural essential oils (rose, jasmine, iris...) that we have always been using in our perfumes, and we insist always to keep the traditional way to create perfumes, with a homemade style.





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