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Germaine Émilie Krebs

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Mysterious Madame Grès. Born Germaine Krebs, she changed her name several times before choosing the one that would bring her fame. Trained as a sculptor, she was an artist. A sculptor of fabric. She did not sew but rather cut the material (thus using three pairs of scissors before each fashion show), letting the fabric fit the shapes of women’s bodies. 

Madame Grès Grès, was one of the most important couturière of the post-war period. Minimalist modernity and creative classicism characterised the couture style of «La Maison Grès» throughout 50 years.

In 1947 the first perfume called «A de Grès» was born. Since then, couture and perfumes were cohabiting together, influencing each other and reflecting Madame Grès’ unique skills and understanding of design.

In 1956, 20 years later, Madame Grès travelled to India to adapt Indian weaving techniques for the Western market. Fascinated by all the rare and exotic fragrances soon gave her the idea of creating a new fragrance.

In 1959 Madame Grès had her significant breakthrough  with Cabochard. This fragrance was to inspire a new generation of leather-chypre accords.

Gres Collection

Pièce Unique

Eau De Parfum

Pièce Unique draws its inspiration from Madame Grès’ profoundly artistic approach to fashion: her quest for the ultimate, ideal dress. The quintessence of haute couture. A work of art. A Pièce Unique.

Lumière Blanche

Eau De Parfum

A cold winter afternoon in Paris: the right time, the right light to go out of the Atelier Grès on the look for inspiration. Lumière Blanche stands for the chance encounter between cold and warm, innocence and sensuality, reality and imagination.

Lumière Noire

Eau De Parfum

As the night casts its shadows over Paris, millions of lights start twinkling, and the City of Light changes into Paris by night. Lumière Noire by Parfums Grès pays tribute to intoxicating, unforgettable Parisian nights.

Lumière Rose

Eau De Parfum

The sun rises over the Grès fashion atelier, bathing the whole room in a shimmering pink glow. Lumière Rose illustrates a joyful sunrise over Paris, a moment of intense aesthetical emotion, a breath-taking spectacle.


Returning from a travel to India where she discovered a new scented universe, Madame Grès decides to launch a perfume in 1959: Cabochard, created by perfumer Bernard Chant. Cabochard - named after Madame Grès‘ stubborn character - is the ultimate Chypre fragrance for women. It is classical and innovative, smooth and harsh, tamed and wild. It is Cabochard.

Cabotine de Grès

Since its launch in 1990, CABOTINE has become a reference among the perfumes for young ladies. CABOTINE originally means actress… a woman with multiple facets. What about her favourite part? Well, she likes to play all kinds of parts, from the elegant lady to the extravagant teen.

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Cabotine Rose

CABOTINE ROSE is definitely the little sister of the original CABOTINE: it takes after a very typical olfactive style - easy to wear, modern, elegant and floral fresh with a strong signature. However, CABOTINE ROSE asserts a personality of its own, both prickling and romantic.

Madame Grès

Madame Grès pays tribute to the Maison de Couture Grès’ founder with an eponymous perfume. The inspiration lays stress on Madame Grès’ iconic drapéed dresses, evoking Ancient Greek statues.

Madame Grès‘ visual stands for the modern, minimalistic and monumental interpretation of couture that made Madame Grès‘ sculptural creations so special.


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